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NaHCO3 Sodium Bicarbonate vs fungi

Sodium bicarbonate (naHCO3) is an antacid used to relieve heartburn and acid indigestion. Your doctor also may prescribe sodium bicarbonate to make your blood or urine less acidic in certain conditions.

Dr. Tullio Simoncini, an Italian oncologist, details a new theory of cancer that carries the promise of a safe, speedy, and effective cancer cure.

The fundamental reason and the motives that suggest a therapy with sodium bicarbonate against tumours is that, although with the concurrence of a myriad of variable concausal factors – the development and the local and remote proliferation of these tumours has a cause that is exclusively fungin.
At the moment, against fungi there is no useful remedy other than, in his opinion, sodium bicarbonate. The anti-fungal agents that are currently on the market, in fact, do not have the ability to penetrate the masses (except perhaps early administrations of azoli or of amfotercin B delivered parenterally), since they are conceived to act only at a stratified level of epithelial type. They are therefore unable to affect myceliar aggregations set volumetrically and also masked by the connectival reaction that attempts to circumscribe them.

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Quote Dr. T. Simoncini on his website
Doctors and medical scientists have made the mistake of assuming that fungal conditions develop after cancer treatment have begun. Researchers contend that cancer therapies, aimed at destroying cancer, also destroy the immune system of the patient leaving them vulnerable to yeasts and fungi, which multiply out of control. They consider these invading colonies to be "secondary" to the actual cancer.


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