Treat cancer as a fungus

cancer fungus

Treat cancer as a fungus

You'll Discover How This Italian Doctor Personally Cured
Dozens of Cancer Patients Including An 11 Year Old Boy
With A Common Ingredient Found In Almost Every Kitchen

Here's some facts about this type of fungus that should give you a hint about how it's closely related to cancer.

At this moment, common medicine has three treatments for cancer:

1 - Chemotherapy:
The toxic ingredients used in the chemical cocktail when common doctors gives a patient a dose of chemotherapy helps to toxify the liver and prevent it from building new defenses.
When the drugs used in chemotherapy float around in the patient's
body what happens is that it reduces the power of the body to naturally fight off disease.

Chemotherapy, in summary kills everything in sight.

2 - Radiotherapy:
Radiotherapy seems useful ONLY when applied to bones and lymph nodes AND when using in addition to the kitchen ingredient I will talk about further down this page.

Radiotherapy machine Other than that, radio therapy serves to...blast your body parts and organs with deadly radiation. Which leads to numerous nasty side effects. Not the least of which, it seems that radiotherapy drastically depletes your strength. On top of this, it helps to create a situation where your organs are left weak due to harmful radiation and Candida loves weak organs, because
it's another place to take root and grow. (page 118-119 "Cancer is A Fungus")

3 - Surgery:
Surgery may be effective. If you're LUCKY enough to have a
common doctor with miracle hands who accidentally lifts the entire
colony of fungus up with his surgical knives.
Otherwise, what you've got after surgery, is a scar on your body and
tiny pouches of Candida silently sitting in the microscopic gaps the
common doctor missed.

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