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Sodium Dichloroacetic Acid - DCA

A study published in January 2007 by researchers at the University of Alberta, testing DCA on in vitro cancer cell lines and a rat model, found that DCA restored mitochondrial function, thus restoring apoptosis, killing cancer cells in vitro, and shrinking the tumors in the rats.
These results received extensive media attention, beginning with an article in New Scientist titled "Cheap, Safe Drug Kills Most Cancers". Subsequently, the American Cancer Society and other medical organizations have received a large volume of public interest and questions regarding DCA.

Medicor Cancer Centres, a private clinic in Toronto, run by the husband-and-wife team of Drs. Humaira and Akbar Khan, is since March 2007 using DCA off-label for the treatment of several cancers and said on their web site that some patients "are showing varied positive responses to DCA including tumour shrinkage, reduction in tumour markers, symptom control, and improvement in lab tests." However, they have not published their results nor reported it at medical conferences. | link to Medicor

watch youtube video of Dr. Evangelos Michelakis (UoA)
read the technical explaination of DCA
go to the official DCA site of the University of Alberta

After this discovery around the world many results became public.
Also what we will call "the Huppes Document" written by dr. Wim Huppes dated augustus 2008:

Bad results with DCA (SodiumDiChloroAcetate) therapy on cancer.

As a result of my own, very good experience with DCA (Dichloroacetic) at the treatment of my own prostate cancer, I have with approximately 80 people with cancer exchanged our data. Of these 80 people six people have medically clearly reported their status. They have taken the DCA (Dichloroacetic)several times in sufficiently high amount to be expected a powerful impact.

Unfortunately none of these respondents experienced a complete cicatrisation like myself. There was at three people even absolutely no response of cancer. At three other people there was a partial response of cancer.

DCA therapy results (high doses up to 90mg/Kg)
Myself: cured, for 6 months no more signs of cancer
3 others: At fist a bit better, then setback again Eerst
Also 3 others responded with ni effect at all. The cancer is still growing, despite the even higher doses -up to 90mg/kg, these results are similar with the trail with the DCA dosage of 25mg/kg (source thedcasite.com)

no reports of sudden and/or serious side effects were reported to me. One person though reported a tingling or pricking sensation in fingers and toes, combined with spasm on the underlegs and feet.
However, these symptoms appeared gradually when taking the DCA, and would disappear slowly if one stops taking DCA.

Why was the protocol only effective on one person? Read more >>



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